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California RBS TIPS Alcohol Training Online

Responsible Beverage Service (RBS) training is mandatory in the state of California as of July 1st for anyone who serves alcohol by the drink. Managers and ID checkers are also required to take the training. All new employees must successfully complete an approved course (TIPS On Premise is) and pass the official ABC exam.

All existing servers of alcohol MUST complete an RBS-approved course and register with the State by 08/31/2022.

All aclohol servers in the state of California MUST register with the Alcoholic Beverage Control by visiting https://abcbiz.abc.ca.gov and registering for an account.

Look for the orange Register button on the top right of the State's ABC page to begin your registration.The State will charge you $3.00 which you must pay.

Once you have registered for an account you will be issued a 9 digit RBS Server number. You will need that number when signing up for the training course below.

If you work at a special event location or in a casino you MUST take the On Premise course below to comply with the California ABC RBS program.

Liquor stores who sell unopened alcohol are not required to register under this rule and may take the Off Premise course below.

Choose Your Online TIPS Course Below:

Register For Tips
On Premise
Only $40
Bars, Restaurants, Casinos, Concessions and Special Events
Register For Tips Off Premise
Only $40
Liquor Stores

Please Be Sure to Click on the Correct Course For Your Establishment!

Follow These Easy Steps Below to Enroll & get RBS TIPS Certified

  • Go to the Alcoholic Beverage Control and register at https://abcbiz.abc.ca.gov and recieve your server ID number. You will be required by the State to pay a $3.00 fee.You must have your California RBS Server ID prior to signing up for our course!
  • Enroll in our class by clicking on the red "Register for eTIPS On Premise " button above, enter your information including your RBS Server ID and pay for the course.
  • Complete the TIPS alcohol certification course online at your own pace.
  • Pass the certification exam.You have 30 days to complete the course.
  • If you fail the final exam you have one additional attempt to pass at no charge.
  • Print your TIPS certification card as proof of your online certification.
  • Receive yourTIPS Card by US mail in 7 to 10 business days.
  • 360Training/TIPS will report your course completion to the California ABC within one business day.

California Alcohol Laws

This information has been provided to us by the regulating agency and is believed to be correct. However, laws and regulations may change at any time, and the information provided should not be relied upon in place of official documents or legal advice. For more information or clarification, consult the regulatory body for this jurisdiction directly.

Age to Consume 21
Age to Pour 21
Age to Sell 18 until 10:00PM. Employees on duty between the hours of 10 p.m. and 2 a.m. who sell beer or wine for off premise consumption shall be at least 21 years of age to sell beer and wine.
Age to Serve 21 Effective 01/01/2009 with some exceptions
DUI/DWI Limit .08 - .04 for CDL
Server Training Required by State Yes as of July 1st 2022. All existing servers must pass the RBS course by 8/31/22.
ID Confiscation Allowed Yes- Under Section 25659, a licensee, or his or her agent or employee, may seize any identification by a person that shows to be under 21 or false, so long as a receipt is given to the person from whom it was seized and the seized identification is given over to the local law enforcement agency that has jurisdiction over the premises within 24 hours
Recommended Age for Carding 30 - Not Mandated

Acceptable Forms of ID - California

  • A valid driver's license issued by federal, state, county, or municipal government.
  • A valid passport.
  • A valid passport card.
  • An identification card issued by the Armed Forces of the United States that contains the name, date of birth, description, and picture of the person