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Nevada TIPS Alcohol Training Online

Responsible Alcohol Service training is not mandated by the state of Nevada. Clark County, Washoe County and Carson City, DO HAVE MANDATORY Server Training laws. TIPS Training online is accepted in these counties and cities. In addition, many insurance companies have made this training mandatory for their insured establishments in Nevada.

TIPS Alcohol Training Online is accepted statewide for use in Nevada. The TIPS On-Premise course for restaurants and bars, Off-Premise course for liquor and grocery stores and the Gaming course for casinos, riverboats, cruise ships, race tracks and gambling halls are all accepted in Nevada.

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Why Should I Take the TIPS Online Training Course for Nevada?

Clark County is the largest county in Nevada with almost 2 million residents. Clark County is a major tourist destination with over 150,000 hotel rooms. Tourists come from all over the world to gamble and come to have a good time. Dealing with these diverse personalities and checking ID's from around the world can be be a challenge. To do it well requires training and experience.

The TIPS Alcohol course is specifically designed for those who serve alcoholic beverages in a public environment, such as bartenders, servers and restaurant managers, liquor store clerks and cashiers.

Not all employees may be required to have Nevada TIPS training and certification, but as alcohol can have dangerous consequences, it's better to be safe than sorry. Not only does the training help promote responsible sales, but it also shows how a business can prevent liability as well as reducing their insurance rates.

Now that TIPS training and certification are available online, you now have the opportunity to get certified at home at a reduced cost. By taking the training course online, you can get your certification in 2 to 3 hours, without having to deal with an expensive course far from home.

Nevada Counties & Cities With Mandatory Alcohol Server Training

  • Clark County - Major Cities of Las Vegas and Reno
  • Washoe County - Major Cities of Reno and Sparks
  • Carson City

Nevada Alcohol Laws

This information has been provided to us by the regulating agency and is believed to be correct. However, laws and regulations may change at any time, and the information provided should not be relied upon in place of official documents or legal advice. For more information or clarification, consult the regulatory body for this jurisdiction directly.

Last checked: 10/23/2012

Age to Consume 21
Age to Pour 21 - Most laws concerning the sale and service of alcoholic beverages in Nevada are regulated by the local jurisdictions.
Age to Sell 21
Age to Serve 21
DUI/DWI Limit .08
DUI/DWI Under Age Limit .02
Maximum Alcohol per Drink Drinks containing more that 80% alcohol by volume may not be sold or served.
Number of Drinks at One Time Regulated by local jurisdictions.
Dram Shop Liability Laws Nevada does not have a Dram Shop law, but some local jurisdictions may.
Social Host Liability Laws Nevada law provides that a person who serves, sells, or furnishes alcohol to a minor may be liable in a civil action for any damages caused by the underage person as a result of the consumption of the alcoholic beverage. There are some exceptions to this law, however. Some local jurisdictions may have more expansive laws.
Server Training Required by State Server and seller training in Clark and Washoe counties is mandatory per state law. There are many cities and towns in these counties, but the principal cities are Las Vegas and Reno, respectively. Training for these counties is regulated by the Commission on Post-Secondary Education. The City of Carson City, an independent municipal corporation, has a mandatory training law for servers at newly licensed establishments. All other counties are non-regulated.
ID Confiscation Allowed Regulated by local jurisdictions.
Recommended Age for Carding Regulated by local jurisdictions.

Acceptable Forms of ID - Nevada

  • A valid driver's license issued by federal, state, county, or municipal government.
  • A valid passport.
  • A valid passport card.
  • An identification card issued by the Armed Forces of the United States that contains the name, date of birth, description, and picture of the person.

Bona fide documentary evidence of the majority and identity of the person issued by a federal, state, county or municipal government, or subdivision or agency thereof. These include but are not limited to valid driver's licenses and military ID's with a photograph.

(ID information last check and changed on 10/23/2012)